Abbiamo cuccioli !!!
Il 15 maggio 2019 sono nati 11 blu, 5 maschi e 6 femmine
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Sono disponibii 2 femminuccie

Bardotka 12 settimane

Bardotka 12 settimane

BARDOTKA 8 settimane

BERGAMOTKA 12 settimane

BERGAMOTKA 12 settimane

BERGAMOTKA 8 settimane

BALLADA 8 settimane prop. Alina Ukleja

BAMBOLA 12 settimane (riservata)

BAMBOLA 8 settimane

BIANCANEVE 8 settimane prop. Rosemary Muellner

BRUKSELKA 12 settimane (riservata)

BRUKSELKA 8 settimane
Maschietti 8 settimane

BAMBOLEO 8 settimane prop. Adrian Lewandowski

BENAMATO 8 settimane prop. Agnieszka Staniek

BISCOTTO 8 settimane prop. Anna Nasiłowska

BŁAWATEK 8 settimane prop Justyna Januszak

BRATEK 8 settimane prop. Gillian O'Neill
Some pictures of Janek, already father of our litter X, his daughters XAMANTHA and XCARET we are so so proud... We call them Best in Show sisters :) And TRISHNA is mother of litter Y - 3 years old marvellous reproductor YENISEY and litter Z - our wonderful J. European Ch. J French Cub Ch. ZARINA

Janek with Trish E-JAN SERCE Moloseum

Janek and his other photos and pedigree are here and here
Cucciolate precedenti
see also progeny after our stud males, MARASCHINO, CAIRO, FIGARO, GEROME, GAIO i COOL JAZZ